Honours given by the Royal House of Godenu 

To recognize and reward good and virtuous deeds performed for the beneffits of Godenu and its development projects Togbe Osei III is granting the following Orders of Merit:

Royal Order of the Lion of Godenu

Order of Merit in 6 grades

Admission fees are charged variating on the grade of admittance. Admission fees only include the diploma and are used 100% for the development projects in the Kingdom. 

Royal Order of the Elephant of Godenu

The most senior Order of Merit given by the Royal House consisting  of 4 grades. 

Outstanding supporters of the Royal House and its development projects already holding GCRLG may be granted the grade of KREG. The bestowal of any other rank is very much restricted.  

Grand Collar of the Royal House of Godenu 

The Grand Collar of the Royal House of Godenu is worn by the ruling Togbe who can further bestow it on close members of the Royal family as well as on highly merited members of the Crown Council already holding GCRLG and GCREG. 

Purveyor to the court  

For outstanding support to the development projects producers and companies delivering to the Royal House can receive the honorary appointment as ‘purveyor to the court’.